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Sojourn describes the quintessential journey of self-discovery that we all embark upon.


released December 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Kolorspace Pune, India

Kolorspace is Sachit's solo project. The music takes inspiration from a variety of genres, including classical, progressive, ambient and downtempo.

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Track Name: Prelude To A Journey
Empty spaces
Vacant skies
Across the ocean
Boundless time

Feelings unrestrained
Scattered around the placid blue seas

Sailing along
into the sea
Finding connection
with the unrestrained energy

Looking inward
Ocean's so deep
Cannot fathom
the unending mystery

Life seems a speck
So trivial in time
The passing waves -
A moment's shine
Track Name: Windfall
And then it all came to me, those vistas and those open fields
This new world that was revealed has opened and finally set me free
Track Name: A Dreamer's Fantasy
You may see
this world
as the only reality

Or maybe
your eyes
deceive you constantly

But don't you see
our world
is such a mystery

Life seems to be
a display
of a dreamer's fantasy
Track Name: No Looking Back
An old dusty attic
Your stack of dreams
For an eternity

Left on the wayside
No looking back as life goes on
You must let go
Track Name: Infinite Schemes
The sunlit morn or the gloomy skies
The sunlight streaming through reluctant skies;

The heady highs and the downsides
Isn't life a rollercoaster ride?

Rambling along these winding roads
Distant horizons, no end in sight

Strange lands and stranger lives

Endless hopes, and endless dreams
The world so large; and life, it seems
A drop in the sea of infinite schemes -

Here we go on these winding lanes
These sun-kissed roads up to the heavenly skies

Going down this path of mine
Unrestrained by this lifetime